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February 1st, 2021


This year, we decided to shout out a few of the awesome artists who are making and selling themed custom badges for Southern Paws. We could talk more about them - but it’s easier to just show you! So here we go.


From the artist:
Hi I’m Inka :3 these are the badge comms I am doing for con. $20 each, with choice of species, and hat and jacket colour. Here are some completed examples :) my turn around time is a couple of hours to half a day!

You can contact Inka by messaging @InkaMoonDog on Telegram


From the artist:
Haeyyo I’m @haeviary! I’m offering my badges for $35. Badges will be laminated with a ring. Can be mailed or handed at con and come with matching PDF file. All species welcome and edits can be made.

You can contact haeviary by messaging @Haeviary on Telegram


From the artist:
SP21 Con Badges by @Kephelion
- $45NZD each
- YCH any species
- Choice of colouring (clothes, laser, banners etc)
- Male/female options
- Name at the top of the badge
- Hand delivery at con, includes laminated and lanyard (send a digital file also)

You can contact Kephelion by messaging @TKComs on Telegram


From the artist:
Hey hey! My name’s Emete! My badges cost $60nzd per character, and are double sided printed, laminated, and come with their own lanyard!
I can do a different character per side, but please keep in mind that the cost is per character, not badge!

You can contact Emete by messaging @Gaelicnox on Telegram

Granola Rookanga

From the artist:
Might as well throw my own hat into the ring with these badges! Wanted Poster badges for $15 each, with a sketch of your sona, your sona’s name, and a tagline of your choice on the bottom!

You can contact Granola by messaging @granolarookanga on Telegram


From the artist:
Hi, I’m Eddie, the artist of ToxicSoda (, these badges cost 30USD at a base price though talk to me if you want minor changes to the background. you will need to provide a reference for the character and a reference or description of the outfit (or leave it up to me.) they will be printed out and lamanated, if local you can pick them up or I can send them via mail (you pay mailing fees.)

You can contact Eddie by messaging @BasilEisen on Telegram

## Nera

From the artist:
I will only be doing a few slots (at least for now). Any further openings will be more expensive.
50NZD, any outfit (though targeted at the theme is preferred) and any pose! (frame and background are the same though).
Bank Transfer only

any further updates on closure or extra slots will be on Twitter: @ferrilol

You can contact Nera by messaging @NeraChoccoDoggo on Telegram or @ferrilol on Twitter.