Hey everyone.
I know that we only just recently announced the day passes but we already have an update for you. In this post we have a bunch of information, prices, events you can see, and also some limitations

Day Passes will be available for either Saturday, Sunday, or both days.

A day pass for a single day will be $65
A double day pass will cost $115

What is included in a day pass?

Day passes will include access to all the regular activities/panels, Lunch and dinner, and your choice of either air rifles OR archery.

What are the limitations?

The day pass will allow you onsite from 9AM and you must vacate the site by 7PM. Breakfast is not included with a day pass. You will also not be able to attend the dance, as it will be outside of day pass hours.

Also like other tickets you must let us know if you have any dietary requirements before the event when you make your booking.

We cannot wait to see you there in two and a half months.

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