Happy March everyone!

We are drawing closer to con, under two months now. It’s always great to see excitement building up as we get closer to con. We have a couple things to announce today.

Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon

Sadly it is almost the end of our early bird pricing. This does mean that once it is over the prices for registration will go up to the normal price. The prices will be changing at 11:59PM on Friday, the 12th of March. You still don’t need to pay right away - as long as you register before midnight on Friday, you’ll have locked in the cheaper price.

As a small aside we have been able to work out some details and we are able to put together a slightly cheaper price for the normal price. The pricing will be as follows.

$395 per person for a standard ticket
$365 per person for the bunkroom.

This is an increase of $20 over the early bird pricing. Day pass prices will not be changing.


We have those now. In fact we have two of those now. We also have hoodies this year as well. You can see the designs for them in the banner image that we have for this post. These will be available very soon. The design has been provided by our great artist Inka.

Merch will be on sale later this week at the following prices:
$45 for a shirt.
$120 for a pull-over hoodie.

These will be picked up upon arrival and sign in at con. There will be a number of colours and sizes available for the shirt and hoodie.

Reminders and other information

We also have a number of reminders to get through as well:
* We are still asking for volunteers to help us serve meals and wash up after meals
* We are still accepting panels and activities for those of you that want to run them
* If you are on a shuttle and are on telegram then please get in touch with Nuggets as she is organising the shuttles. (Only 5 PM is left for the shuttle, with 8 PM being available with prior discussion with Nuggets)
* We still have day passes available for those that want to come for a day, but not the entire event.

We hope to see everyone at con at the end of next month.