Hey everyone, me again.

Got a couple things to talk about today, though that’s probably given away by the title of this blog post. We have a few ways you can get involved with the event and we’ll be going through all of those in this post.

First up!

Dealers Den

If you want to be a dealer in our Dealers Den this year and didn’t tick the box on the registration details then please email this and we can add it to your notes

Panels and Events

Like every other fur con we have various panels and events available. If you’d like to run a panel or activity at the event, then go take a look at our get involved page and fill in the form linked under the Panels and Events section.


Running a con is hard work. But we love doing it. Sometimes running a con means that we need help from you in the community with various tasks during the event. If you want to help out then we could do with some help when it comes to serving food during various meals, or helping us clean dishes after the meals.

If you want to help out with that then please take a look at the form linked under the volunteer section of the get involved page.

Go to Get Involved

And finally, the amazing art on this blog post was created by @GaelicNox!

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Waipara at the end of April.
- Votter,