It’s been a busy month since we first opened registration just over four weeks ago! Now there’s (just under) six more weeks until Southern Paws 2021, and there’s two more weeks left to register. We’ve had an awesome response this year, and we’re getting ready to start planning out our schedule of events as soon as registration closes up.

We’ve also opened up our merchandise ordering page, with two designs made by the awesome artist (and bagel enthusiast 🥯) Inka! If you need a refresher on the two designs we have, here they both are:

This year we are offering both standard t-shirts and pull over hoodies, with an expanded range of sizes compared to last year. Unfortnately, much like last year we can’t ship these, so you’ll have to be attending the event to get one. Or have a friend who’s attending order for you. If you’d like to get one, tap the button below.

Buy Merch

We’re also still accepting suggestions for panels and activities, and dealers for the Dealer’s Den. If that interests you, head to our Get Involved page and fill out one of the linked forms.

Get Involved

There’s not much more for us to say right now, except, thank you! To all of those who have decided to come along this year, and all of those who have supported us the in past.