Staff and Helpers

Southern Paws could not have happened without the support of our awesome team.

Alan (AKA Votter)


One of the founders of Southern Paws. He has been working on it since the idea of the con started getting headway.



One of the co-founders along with Alan. A Christchurch fursuiter who loves to help raise funds for charities.


Chief Person Wrangler

I’ll get you up, tell you it’s dinner and anything else. Come with questions, comments and snacks. I’ll deal with them.


Graphics Design

I’m kittyraa, this years graphic designer. I designed the logo, booklets, pass badges etc. I’ll be helping out as staff.

Crazy Panda

Handy Man

Handyman Karl, the Handy Panda. He’ll be hanging around helping out around the place.


First Aid

BHSc Paramedic. EMT.
STR- 11 - DEX- 10
CON- 13 - CHA- 14
WIS- 13 - INT- 12
“Thou shalt not do the dumb”


Head of Security

“I am toob, I protecc”


Web Development

Heya! I’m Kakapo.